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Photo Exhibition 2018

How to Organize Photo Exhibition June 10, 2018

The workshop’s targeted audience are photographers, both professional and amateur, who want to improve their photography marketing skills, increase exposure for their creative works and open new channels in promoting photographer’s brand. The workshop also targets creatives, marketing/social media professionals and photo agencies, all those working with creators of visual content.

The workshop will cover all elements of organizing a successful photo exhibition.

The first step in planning a photo exhibition is to define its objectives. It all comes down to the following four basic objectives:

The next step is defining the major exhibition aspects: audience, venue, promotion, budget, and feasibility.

Use this event planning template to track all the important milestones of your event.

The photo exhibition without a central theme is doomed. Here are some examples of photo groups centered around some topic, concepts, food for thought. A shallow central subject is better than no subject at all.

Workshop participants often ask for advice in organizing photo exhibition. We've put together a list of recommended photo resources, not limited only by the photo exhibitiob issues but encompassing othe aspects of photography as well: